I started me a Facebook page for me and my little fictional characters. Got some of my stuff on there, you know, same ol' shiz. If your a fan of my work or just want to see what's up "like" me for updates and A.M.B.S. news.

One can never have to many friends, so "friend" me on Facebook.

Here is the link if you want to check them out,

8/31/2012 04:06:05

I admire your thoughts and your way of expressing and putting it in front of readers is really something that I have seen after a long time. We need more writers like you.

9/16/2012 14:49:05

Well, thank you for the comment. Tell your peeps about my little page so more folks can get in on the Happee Go'Luckey artistic koolness :D I wish i was a writer...but thanks...I'm just an artist with a vision.

"Let your voice be heard, Break away from the flock"


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